MaintenanceSettings Class

Specifies the task settings the Task scheduler will use to start task during Automatic maintenance.


Namespace: Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler
Assembly: Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler (in Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler.dll) Version: 2.11.0
[XmlTypeAttribute(IncludeInSchema = false)]
public sealed class MaintenanceSettings : IDisposable, 
Object    MaintenanceSettings
INotifyPropertyChanged, IDisposable


Deadline Gets or sets the amount of time after which the Task scheduler attempts to run the task during emergency Automatic maintenance, if the task failed to complete during regular Automatic maintenance. The minimum value is one day. The value of the Deadline property should be greater than the value of the Period property. If the deadline is not specified the task will not be started during emergency Automatic maintenance.
Exclusive Gets or sets a value indicating whether the Task Scheduler must start the task during the Automatic maintenance in exclusive mode. The exclusivity is guaranteed only between other maintenance tasks and doesn't grant any ordering priority of the task. If exclusivity is not specified, the task is started in parallel with other maintenance tasks.
Period Gets or sets the amount of time the task needs to be started during Automatic maintenance. The minimum value is one minute.


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