TaskDefinition Properties


ActionsGets a collection of actions that are performed by the task.
Data Gets or sets the data that is associated with the task. This data is ignored by the Task Scheduler service, but is used by third-parties who wish to extend the task format.
LowestSupportedVersionGets the lowest supported version that supports the settings for this TaskDefinition.
PrincipalGets the principal for the task that provides the security credentials for the task.
RegistrationInfo Gets a class instance of registration information that is used to describe a task, such as the description of the task, the author of the task, and the date the task is registered.
SettingsGets the settings that define how the Task Scheduler service performs the task.
TriggersGets a collection of triggers that are used to start a task.
XmlTextGets or sets the XML-formatted definition of the task.

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