TaskEventLog(DateTime, String, String, String, String, String) Constructor

Initializes a new instance of the TaskEventLog class that looks at all task events from a specified time.


Namespace: Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler
Assembly: Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler (in Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler.dll) Version: 2.11.0
public TaskEventLog(
	DateTime startTime,
	string taskName = null,
	string machineName = null,
	string domain = null,
	string user = null,
	string password = null


startTime  DateTime
The start time.
taskName  String  (Optional)
Name of the task.
machineName  String  (Optional)
Name of the machine (optional).
domain  String  (Optional)
The domain.
user  String  (Optional)
The user.
password  String  (Optional)
The password.

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